War of the Dead: A Not So Civil War

Outbreak: Season 1 Episode 1
The Formation of the Baby Brigade

Our story begins at the Bass Pro Shop in Cary, NC on August 25th, 2015. The gun department manager, Sully was talking to another employee who was a friend of his. Sully’s friend, Andy May said that he felt sick, but came in anyway because he couldn’t afford to take the time off. Sully showed concern for his friend Andy and declared that he would get better soon. His friend didn’t seem too reassured.

A lady by the name of Melissa approached the gun counter to buy a multipurpose tool knife. Melissa, impressed with Sully’s knowledge of the knives, was able to make her selection and made a purchase.

Just then a large muscular black man wearing jeans that were very worn and a wife beater tee shirt approached the gun counter. He didn’t seem to be the sort that frequented this store and looked very much out of place. The katana he had strapped to his back didn’t exactly help him to blend in. (What a black man can’t have a samurai sword!?!?) Now that Sully was finished with the transaction with Melissa, he tried to help Zeke. Zeke pulled out the samurai sword and gently placed it on the counter. He bluntly offered to sell the sword, which he believed to be very valuable for $2000. Sully was incredulous and replied that we don’t buy weapons here; we are not a pawn shop. Zeke briefly tried to haggle with Sully believing that he was pretending to not be interested to lower the price. Zeke offered to sell the sword for $1800. Sully was annoyed and losing his patience with Zeke at this point and seemed like he was going to ask Zeke to leave. Sully’s friend Andy, perhaps seeing that the situation was growing intense, decided to intervene and talk to Zeke directly. He suggested that Sully help another customer.

Zeke, still convinced that he could sell the sword here, tried to haggle with Andy. Andy started to repeat the same objections that Sully made, when suddenly started coughing and collapsed. Zeke asked if there was someone else who could help him ‘because this guy fell asleep’. Both Melissa and Sully came over to see what the problem was. Melissa apparently had some medical training and she found that he didn’t have life signs. Sully immediately called 911 for help.

There was a lot of commotion and people were distracted. Zeke saw this as an opportunity to get a five finger discount. He managed to steal a knife and a strange modified machete that could shoot darts. This wasn’t the first time Zeke shoplifted. He was able to hide the stuff in his pants which were somewhat loose fitting.

Zeke looked around to make sure no one was looking at him and he noticed Andy got up and tried to bite the store manager that arrived to try and help Andy. With no time to lose, Zeke jumped over the counter and kicked that fool in the head. His body hit the ground hard and killed the Andy (or was he already dead?). Fortunately for Zeke the others saw that the man tried to attack another employee so they didn’t seem to blame Zeke for taking this drastic action.

The paramedics arrived and took away the body. They didn’t seem too shocked by what they found. They said they have seen similar things on calls throughout the day. One of the paramedics even said that he was bitten by one. They quickly left with the body. It looked like it was a busy day for them.

Melissa was clearly the smartest one of the group and she was starting to put together what the paramedics said and what she had been hearing on the radio and TV. Something strange was happening in town and it seemed to affect a lot of people. This strange thing seemed to make people go crazy and turn into cannibals. Sully was starting to understand this too, but Zeke was clueless and just sort of ignored what Melissa said. He had a one track mind and his mind was on selling this sword (got to pay the rent and the rent is too damn high!). .

Sully was kind enough to point Zeke towards the closest pawn shop, which Zeke immediately left and headed towards. He didn’t want to stay and answer questions from the police in case they showed up.

Sully was told to that they were closing early so he could go home. Melissa was also told the store was closing and was ushered out the door like the rest of the customers. There was a TV monitor outside at the entrance and there were various news reports of incidences all over the city. Melissa, being naturally curious, stayed and listened to the reports while Sully didn’t seem very interested and headed towards his truck. Melissa heard more information about the strange happenings involving crazed cannibals that were attacking people like wild animals. Also they seemed to be resistant to being hurt; unphased by being shot in the chest.

Meanwhile, back to Zeke. He was crossing the street to get to the pawn shop, when a car came out of nowhere and nearly hit him. Zeke barely jumped out of the way of the moving car as it plowed into a telephone pole. Zeke, understandably upset by almost being run over, approached the driver side of the car. He saw a lady in the driver’s seat slumped over the steering wheel. Zeke cursed out the lady, but when she didn’t seem to move, he pretended to try and help her, but he was actually going through her purse. He quickly stashed $50 that he found and kept her credit cards. He threw the purse with the wallet back on the floor of the car.

Just before Zeke could pull away, the lady tried to bite him. Fortunately, she missed. Zeke pulled back and tried to elbow her in the face while saying ‘crazy bitch! First you try to run me down and now you try to bite me.’ Zeke was able to move out of range of the crazed women. She couldn’t pursue because she had her seatbelt on and didn’t seem to know how to take it off. Melissa and Sully approached to see what was going on. Zeke told them what happened and kicked the door closed on the crazed woman. The woman inside was wildly trying to get at the group to bite them, but she didn’t seem to know how to open the door or even take off her seat belt.

Just then, Melissa noticed that there was a baby in the back seat. Zeke jumped to action to save the baby. He tried all of the doors other than the driver door and they were all locked. He then decided to open the driver door. Melissa told Zeke that it would be a good idea if he unlocked the other doors so she could get the baby. Zeke did that and tried to keep the attention of the zombie while staying just out of range of her grasp. Melissa was safely able to get the baby and diaper bag. Sully went back to get the baby seat while Zeke continued to distracted the crazed woman.

Sully offered Zeke a ride and both were content to let Melissa take and care for the baby. However, Sully’s truck wouldn’t start. Thankfully, Melissa offered to drive them both and seemed visibly relieved that the two guys would be travelling with her. This has been a crazy and dangerous day and she was scared or at least very concern for her safety and the safety of the baby. As I said, she was the smart one and a smart person would be afraid at this point. Needless to say, Zeke wasn’t afraid. Sully seemed more concerned about his truck then being scared.

Between Sully and Melissa, they decided that we should bring the baby to the fire station. They remembered that babies could be left at fire stations no questions asked. Melissa drove us to the fire station that was very close by. The garage doors were open and the fire trucks were missing.

The three and the baby made four went into the fire station and found the front office empty. They rang the bell at the desk and two figures emerged. Once had his abdominal cavity ripped open and his insides hanging out. Despite the horrifying site, everyone kept their cool. Zeke drew his Katana and charged the ‘person’ with his guts hanging out and cut him in half all in one smooth action. Although the person was cut in half, his upper body was still very much alive and was grasping towards Zeke. Meanwhile, Sully yelled a warning to the other ‘person’, but when that person lunged forward to attack he shot him in the head and dropped him. Melissa was carrying the baby while this happened who was crying loudly.

A moment later Zeke cut the head off of the torso of the other half-person. To their horror, the head also seemed to be alive and was trying to bite at them, but couldn’t move to attack. Melissa was curious to inspect the head so that Zeke took care of the baby why she did so.

The baby was crying during this encounter, but was instantly calmed by Zeke. She seemed to feel safe and comfortable with Zeke. Zeke tried his best to entertain the baby. His attempts seemed kind of lame to the others, but the baby was greatly entertained by his actions. Zeke and the baby seemed to have a real connection and had a bonding moment.

Sully and Melissa figured that there was probably baby formula in the fire station, so we immediately found about a 6 month supply and put it in a duffle bag. Zeke found a leather jacket that fit him, motorcycle keys and a motorcycle helmet. Zeke thought he looked cool with the jacket and helmet and decided to wear them. Sully thought that Zeke looked stupid wearing a motorcycle helmet when he wasn’t riding a motorcycle.

Sully convinced the group that heading back to the Bass Pro Shop was their best bet. They noticed their were crowds gathering outside. As they entered the garage to leave, Zeke noticed a Ducati motorcycle in the garage. Zeke looked longingly at the motorcycle and even drooled a little bit. He was smart enough to know that he didn’t know how to ride one or even drive a car, but dumb enough not to care. Fortunately, his new friends convinced him that it was best to leave the bike behind as he would probably kill himself before he got a mile away.

The crowd of about 40 people were approaching the fire station with intentions of looting it. Zeke wanted to try and fight them off, but again his friends convinced him that wasn’t a good idea as they couldn’t possibly fight so many and live. We were planning to leave anyway, but Zeke didn’t like backing away from the fight (did I say he was dumb?).

Our heroes approached Melissa’s car but it looked like they wouldn’t be able to drive where they needed to go because of the crowds. They gathered up their stuff to go on foot. While they were doing this, they were confronted by a mob of 6 people who demanded them to hand over everything they had. Zeke wasn’t about to let him and his friends get punked by this group. He pulled out his sword and swung it at one of the would be muggers and cut him in half. The other muggers were unphased by this and continued with their demands. Melissa threw her car keys to one of them. Another one took Sully off guard and tried to grab his rifle, but was unable to. Zeke cut a second one of them in half and told the others to ‘Leave in peace or in pieces!’ (He thought that sounded cool and had plan to say it ever since he picked up this sword.)

Another group of three men approached to help the group. They were unarmed but were able to momentarily stun two of the attackers. Once the attackers saw that they were outnumbered, they decided to run. Zeke was tempted to cut another one in half when he turned his back on him, but didn’t. He didn’t think the others would approve of this needless violence. (Zeke rarely made thoughtful decisions, but as one of his foster fathers used to say, ‘even a broken clock is right twice a day.’)

Eric seemed to be the leader of this new group which included the three middle aged unarmed men, women and children. Eric suggested that they combine forces. The three immediately agreed. Sully told Eric about their plans to go to the Bass Pro Shop. Eric didn’t like this idea, but Sully persisted so we headed in that direction.

As they were approaching the Bass Pro Shop, they saw that a bunch of people had already started looting the place. A group of well armed people were at the store entrance that had obviously been broken into and they were shooting people all around them (almost randomly). They didn’t seem to make a distinction from crazed people or regular people. The regular people that they shot, soon got up after collapsing for a short period of time and continue to approach the people at the entrance. It was a madhouse, and it looked hopeless to approach the store at this point.

Before the group knew it, they were surrounded by a large crowd like a stampede. Surprisingly, the crowd knocked down Zeke and trampled him a bit and he suffered some significant amount of bumps and bruises. He wasn’t seriously injured, but it would probably slow him down a bit for a day or so. Fortunately most of the others were fine including the baby. However, two of the children from Eric’s group were severely trampled and nearly killed. Thankfully Sully was able to rescue the kids at great personal risk. The kids were unconscious, but expected to recover.

The group began to rethink the idea of going to the Pro Bass shop. Eric told them that he was taking his group down an alley and suggested we follow and we did. We ran down an alley and other side streets and rounded a corner to find a group of the crazed human cannibals. It is at this cliffhanger that we leave our heroes until next chapter 2 weeks from now. Will our heroes be able to survive this assault? Will they be able to make their way back to the Pro Bass shop to get supplies? Stay tuned for next week when we find out.

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