Ezekial "Zeke" Jackson

Street thug with a katana


Horse Jackson’s parents were drug addicts. They only cared about getting high. One day when Zeke was 5 years old with his parents passed out cold from doing heroin, the police raided their apartment. It is a good thing because Horse was malnourished, dehydrated and probably would not have lived much longer. After recovering in the hospital, the authorities sent him to social services. He was adopted by an older white Christian couple. The authorities decided that Horse wasn’t a good name for a child, so they allowed the new couple to change his name to Ezekiel or Zeke for short.

Zeke loved his new parents. They were strict, but kind. They raised Zeke from age 5 until he was 13. In the year that Zeke became 13, a terrible thing happened.. His parents were in a rough neighborhood feeding the homeless and preaching about Jesus, when a gang approached them and killed them. The police reasoned that they must have been bad for the gangs drug and prostitution business.

This was a very traumatic event for Zeke, his world was turned upside down. He was mad at the world. He was placed back with social services. However, there were not many potential foster parents willing to take on a disturbed 13 year child with anger issues. As a result, social services had to make a few compromises in the parent requirements for foster parents.

Zeke’s new foster father was an abusive alcoholic and his new foster mother was a codependent abused women who thought maybe with the boy around he would stop beating her. He did beat her less after Zeke arrived, because he was preoccupied in beating Zeke instead.

This went on until Zeke was 15. One particular night, his step-father beat him unconscious and then passed out asleep in his bed. Zeke woke up from the living room floor in the middle of the night. He half walked and half crawled to the kitchen and got a large kitchen knife. He then limped to his step parents room and stabbed his step-father in the chest repeatedly.. His stepmother screamed and ran to call the police. When the police arrived they found Zeke on top of him splashed with blood and he was still repeatedly stabbing his step-father while he said ‘never again will you hurt me’.

The courts made Zeke a ward of the state and he went to juvenile hall. In juvenile hall, he learned to fight and fight well. He worked out a lot and became strong. He didn’t do so well learning much of anything else though. He didn’t much see the point. To him it was all about survival and he didn’t see how book learning would help with that.

Zeke was let out of juvenile hall at 18 and the records were sealed. It was then he started his life of questionable jobs and petty crime. He worked collections for a bit for a loan shark. He also worked for a drug dealer for a while, but he felt bad doing it. He himself refused to use drugs or alcohol ever. It doesn’t bother him if others imbibe, he just sees it as a weakness.

Today Zeke works at the Crazy Horse Tavern that is in a really rough area outside of town. This is a strange place. They replaced their dance floor with a fighting ring. Zeke was a bouncer there. The owner would have fights that happened in the bar settled in the ring. He also would offer a $500 reward for anyone that could knock out Zeke in the ring in one 3 minute round. In the rare cases that Zeke was knocked out, the owner docked Zeke’s pay. There was a $50 entry fee for each challenger. However, most of the time Zeke won and he was allowed to keep $25 of the $50. Sometimes Zeke would fight several times in one night.

One night there was a group of white cosplayers that had been drinking and must have been lost. They showed up at the Crazy Horse and decided to go in with their costumes on. The rough clientele started whistling and otherwise ridiculing this group. They clearly went to the wrong place. The owner told Zeke to escort them out before they got hurt which he did. Most of them wanted out of there anyway and were happy to leave. But one cosplayer dressed as a Samurai thought it was wrong that he should be forced to leave and began to argue with Zeke. Zeke didn’t want to argue (he never did well arguing with words anyhow). He considered himself a man of action so he dragged the Samurai out the door all the way to the group’s car.

Zeke thought that was the end of it and started to walk back inside, when suddenly the Samurai charged him with a real samurai sword (katana). Zeke quickly disarmed him and chased him back to his car. The group road off as quickly as they could leaving Zeke with this very well crafted katana.

Ezekial "Zeke" Jackson

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